Sunday, December 4, 2011

Make it Count: Gifts Made in America, For America

By Frederick Morgan

We can all choose to Spend on America in our lives. All we have to do is pass up the cheap foreign stuff and go for the American made products. We end up with something better when we choose to spend on America, and we influence the growth of our economy by creating more demand for American goods. Everybody comes out ahead.

The most important step if you're trying to spend to support your country is encouraging others to come along with you. Demand is created when a lot of people want something. Well, this isn't politics, so it's a lot easier to sell. Lead by example, and show your friends and family your new domestic made goods.

Spend on America may sound like a familiar concept. In truth, it's been around forever. Nowadays people are forgetting how important it is to support our country. They're losing their sense of national pride. We want to remind people that it's worth it to bet on ourselves, to support our own endeavors and make things better for Americans.

When you look through the stores trying to find that "made in the USA" stamp, you may be dismayed. It's all too hard to come by. One solution is to do our shopping on the Internet, but many of us still want to show our support to local businesses. The solution is to go to the owners of these businesses and tell them how you feel. Encourage them to order American goods.

To promote the cause is to be a true friend to the cause. When you're on Facebook, take advantage of your time and tell your friends why you choose to Spend on America. You'll be surprised how many people "like" the idea! Times are changing and we have to change our methods to work with them. Let's keep America on top of the game.

Are you looking for a gift for the holidays? Maybe for someone's birthday? You can make it count by making it an American made gift. You'll also be giving them the gift of knowledge, and informing them on the importance of supporting the United States economy. Without all of us coming together to show our support, America will continue to be assailed by Chinese imports.

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