Monday, December 5, 2011

Luxury Home at 28060 Sea Lane Dr, Malibu

By Luis Pezzini

Finding a luxury home that is worth millions or even billions of dollars is not hard to do when the buyer knows of the right place to look and is using the right agent in order to find these homes. Those that are interested in multi million dollar homes, as well as those that billions of dollars they are going to find that they have to have an agent that is going to pre qualify them for these types of homes, which is a pretty painless process and something that the person is going to have to do if they are wanting to be able to see these properties. With that being said, those that desire to relocate to the Malibu, California area are going to find that there are many listings on the market that they are going to want to look at. However, for those that are really wanting the Malibu lifestyle that so many people automatically think of when they think of this area, then they are going to want to take a look at 28060 Sea Lane Drive. Here, they will find a home that is exquisite and usually goes beyond what people had in mind when they decided to look into the area.

This is a Mediterranean style home that has around 11, 313 square feet. The person will find that one of the most appealing aspects about the home is that they are going to have their own private space of beach that they can enjoy on almost any day in the city. There is approximately 339 feet of beach that comes exclusively with the home. Add into this, there is around 6.6 acres with the home, the person is really getting a great deal since it is priced at an affordable $45,000,000 and ready for that special someone to move into the home.

Among the many features that attract those to the property is probably the fact that this is the first time that the home has been on the market, which does make it something that most people want to check out, add into the fact that there are some reassuring security features in place that are going to give the person great peace of mind. The entire property is surrounded by a wall that is twelve feet high and the person will find that the gated entrance allows them to feel completely secure in their home when they are there.

On the interior the person will find that they are getting seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, which means that they can have guests over at any time without the worry of where to put these people. The property also includes such things as a pool, spa, a guest house and lighted tennis court that will allow everyone to play tennis whenever the mood strikes.

Those that look on the inside of the home are going to find that they are going to get several rooms, they will have seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, as well as a sauna, theatre, and a wine cellar in the home. The person will find that having these are going to help them to show off just how luxurious that they really are.

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