Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Low Cost Web Marketing Through SEO

By Matthew Dowell

A search engine like Google is a tool to help a user to retrieve lists of services, products and information resulting from their entered search. A huge amount of testing and research by marketing companies has proven that sites that appear at the top of the list of search results are commonly the ones that users will visit first. The optimum way to get a higher search engine ranking is to employ (SEO), Search Engine Optimisation which is a form of web marketing. Keeping ahead of the competition is a must and SEO assists you achieve this by improving your and increasing the amount of traffic your site receives.

For the majority of consumers, the internet and various search engines are used daily as a way of locating information, buying services or sourcing new or cheaper products,. This makes search engines hugely influential. If growth, expansion and and increased profits are what your business needs then search engine optimisation can help through accessing you a vast consumer base. Marketing a website through Search Engine Optimisation is in a number of ways more effective than the more traditional methods like print and t.v advertising thanks to the global audience the web is able to reach. The cost of traditional forms of advertising are generally limited to large company's alone. However this is not the case with SEO which offers a low cost alternative.

Search engines provide you with a list of relevant web pages resulting from your search entry. Inputtingthe exact same data into different search engines can produce slightly different results because of the way they process information. Search engines use algorithms to work out the relevance of a site and place importance on a variety of different factors. Search engines will change and update their algorithms now and again. This assists them to deliver faster and more effective results to their users Whilst their algorithms change from time to time, the fundamental way they rank each website remains pretty constant. The search engines will always aim to give the best possible results and experience to visitors.

Software referred to as spiders or robots are used by the search engines to research page content, crawling though various links from one page to the next. Content is returned to the search engines for processing. All content is indexed according to the search engine algorithm and stored in databases ready to be produced as search results. Anytime a user submits a search, that search engine will search for the most relevant information in its database before serving it as a list of results.

Part of the role of a specialist search engine optimiser is to work out which search terms are normally used by people interested in the products and services a website is offering. Once the most relevant keywords have been established, they can be placed in the most important positions in your websites pages. Your sites ranking with the search engines and profitability can be significantly increased with this technique

Links that point to a site are key to obtaining the best search engine rankings. Inbound links are a bit like a vote and great importance is placed on the amount and quality of them. The amount of inbound links will indicate to the search engine's that a site is of importance or great quality. Also, elements like the age of the website and the number of pages it has can increase a site's ranking.

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