Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kiss The Stock Market Goodbye With This 13.5% Investment

By Steven Graham

After the shock of 2008, I became keenly aware of how precarious a position I was in with stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other typical investments. I watched my investments spin out of control and dive like a plane that just lost a wing. But recently, I retired at the early age of 57 due to a modest inheritance.

I spoiled myself a little and after being lazy for months and sleeping in doing what I wanted, when I wanted, for as long as I wanted, I began to realize that I didn't want this to be all there was, (I think I was feeling a little guilty, like the prodigal son who squandered his inheritance). I wasn't about to squander mine so in earnest, I began looking for ways to make my money not only last longer, but grow!

I began my search for low-risk, high-paying investments and business opportunities that I could run from home on my laptop or anywhere else (like Starbuck's) with a good internet connection. I had been conditioned to believe that low-risk naturally meant low-return. What I eventually found proved to be quite the contrary.

So after searching (and praying) for a better alternative to the common investment, I found this little ad which allowed me (as it will you) to kiss the stock market goodbye:

13.5% Guaranteed Income


Buy Intermodal Containers

Managed. Insured. Secured.

What the heck is an intermodal container, I thought?? Skeptical, I investigated all the way to the Illinois state attorney general's office. What I got was a most assuring "0 complaints" and a steady green light from all sources to proceed, so I did.

Now, I'm a very happy customer who is getting a nice-sized check in the mail every 3 months! I purchased one container to test the waters, and after I got my first check in the mail, I then purchased another and asked them to bank-wire the money into my account!

I never, thought it was possible to earn so much with no risk! This investment really is guaranteed, safe, secure (it's insured), and comes with zero-risk. This company actually does everything for you and only charges a ridiculously low fee for handling every detail for you. The containers are automatically placed in service with a well-known national freight vendor who enters into a 6-year contract to lease the container.

This is a lot like having a rich uncle with good connections. You say, "Here uncle. Here's my money. You handle all the details and give my money to this company over here, and then tell me when the checks will start rolling in!" Talk about a lazy way to wealth. This is it!

Don't believe me? The following website does a good job of introducing the opportunity. It's www.tropicxco.com There's also an informative 2-min. video on the website that gives a short synopsis.

I just wanted to share my good fortune with you. After all, you may be looking for a safe and secure way to go too, since that roller-coaster of a ride we've had over the past few years! I know you'll find this to be as lucrative as I have.

Many Happy (Investment) Returns,

Steven Graham

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