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A Jeunesse Global Review You Won't Find Anywhere Else

By Frank Caparso

If you have stumbled upon this article while searching for information on Jeunesse Global, you will be glad you are here. You are most likely looking for more information on the company because you are considering joining Jeunesse. If so, it's important that you finish going through this entire review. That way you will have all the facts about the company to make an educated decision as to whether or not it's the right opportunity for you.

First and foremost, I want to disclose to you that I am not affiliated with the company in any way, shape, or form. So rest assured you are getting an unbiased perspective of the company.

Jeunesse Global - Who Are They?

When looking into a network marketing company, it's very important you get to know more about the company history and leadership first and foremost. Because no matter how great the products are, a network marketing company will never go far in this industry without the right leadership. Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis are the masterminds behind Jeunesse Global and they both have extensive and successful backgrounds. They have both previously owned their own companies, and have a combined 16+ years experience in the industry.

Operating in several countries, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines, Jeunesse Global has seen stable growth since they entered the network marketing arena. Jeunesse Global is currently headquartered in Florida, but they have build a strong presence in other countries as well. Jeunesse Global has experienced faster growth than any other company in the mlm industry.

Jeunesse Global - The Products

Jeunesse Global is a health & wellness company and they market 3 different products for anti-aging skincare and nutrition. Their flag-ship product is LUMINESCE, which is their skincare line. Included in this is a cellular rejuvenation serum that is specially formulated to restore luminosity, firmness, and smoothness of the skin. There is also a night repair complex and daily moisturizing complex included in this line.

The next 2 products Jeunesse Global offers is their Reserve product and their NutriGen product. NutriGen is a dietary supplement that helps you maintain healthy biorhythems, support critical biological processes, and slow the symptoms of premature aging. Reserve is a biotanical blend of essential antioxidants with restorative powers that will boost your health and assist in delaying premature aging.

Jeunesse Global - The Opportunity

With Jeunesse Global there are several different ways to earn income. The main two ways to earn commissions is by retailing the products and by sponsoring other independent distributors into the business. Jeunesse Global also offers weekly pay outs that are based on your weekly sales volume. This is cool because as a distributor you have the ability to earn immediate income. Jeunesse Global also offers it's distributors many different bonuses, which you can qualify for by retail sales volume and productivity level.

Is Jeunesse Global A Solid Business Opportunity?

In closing, Jeunesse Global looks like a great company and business opportunity. They have a unique product, a unique marketing position, and the right leadership behind them. However, none of those things matter when determining whether or not you can be successful with Jeunesse. Ultimately, your success with Jeunesse Global is going to depend on your ability to generate leads and prospects and recruit new reps into the business.

The best way to do this is to use an effective attraction marketing system to generate leads and build your business online. Having a working knowledge of personal branding and lead generation is absolutely crucial to your success in today's marketplace.

If you can incorporate attraction marketing into your business, combined with the power and leverage of the Internet, there is no limit to how successful you can be with your Jeunesse business.

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