Friday, December 2, 2011

How To Tell If A Health Product Is "For Real" Or Not, Part 1

By Alexandra Williams

"Take our dodo bird poop extract and your cancer will be cured!" Oh, no. It's ANOTHER miracle cure! Natural potents claiming miraculous results seem to abound these days. It's often times hard to tell if a product is "for real" or not. Here are a few pointers that should help you choose effective nutritional products instead of hyped up trash.

The first factor you'll wish to look at is scientific research on a product. Ask the company or salesperson for scientific research on their product.First of all, if there have been no scientific studies done on the efficacy of the product, be very wary.If there are scientific studies that show good results from using the product, you should check a very important element in the scientific studies - were they performed using the exact product that you are considering buying?

In hopes of helping you avoid this I am providing you with the things I do to keep my mental health in tip top condition.My absolute favorite thing to do to refocus myself is to go for a long ride on my Harley. Nothing brings the world back into focus like riding free like the wind, there is no better forms of therapy as far as I am concerned.Another great way to relieve the stresses in your life and help put a sparkle in your mental health is a trip to the casinos. Most people go to the casinos and expect to go home a winner, I do not. I go to have a good time.

I also make sure not to take my credit cards with me to the casinos. Every week I put a few bucks on the side and when I have enough to go to the casino I go, and have a real good time. This way I can blow every penny I bring with me and know I am not hurting my self financially. Sometime I just like to sit at a poker table, blackjack table or roulette table and just make small bets. This may not be as exciting as risking large sums of money, but in the end I play longer, and I probably win more often. The best part is because I do not expect to win I am not disappointed when I don't win, and on those occasions that I do win beside going home with more money I have a supper big smile on my face because the night was all that much better. Another reason why I love the casinos is how far they are from where I live so I can take my bike out in the morning have a good 3 hour drive to Atlantic City then at the end of the day I get to enjoy another 3 hours on my Harley, and if the weather is really bad I can either take my truck or just stay home and log on to one of the many online casinos available to choose from.

I also enjoy watching an hour or 2 of television every night, some light sitcoms are a great way to lighten your minds load, and laughing out loud for 30 seconds every day is a great way to release stress.Video games are also great for stress release, if you are mad at your boss what better way to get it out of you then boxing, just imagine you are pounding on your boss and hope you don't lose.I hope you try some of these methods or think of some of your own to help keep the stress down in your life and keep your mental health in as good of condition as the rest of you.

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