Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Guide To American Passport Replacement

By Ben Pate

A number of steps are required to be completed in the application process for United States passport replacement in the United States. This travel document is a government issued document that can only be authorized by the United States Embassy. Situations in which one will be legally required to replace the booklet is when it has become lost, stolen, damaged and is has reached its expiration date.


Processes and forms relating to replacing passports will vary as it is dependent on the reason for applying for a new travel item. If one has decided to travel abroad always determine whether a new travel document is needed and then apply for it several weeks before leaving. The law of the state determines when and how the required booklet should be renewed and replaced.

Altered, Damaged, Lost, Or Stolen

In cases where an item is no longer readable, it is considered damaged and must be replaced including instances where it is lost, stolen or name change. Penalties will be applied in instances when a book is deliberately mutilated or altered. If one is unsure of procedure required in submission of applications,a complete guide can be found on the U. S. Application and renewal service for U S passport replacement.

Applying, Replacing, Renewing

This guide will assist individuals in the necessary steps to be taken in applying, replacing and renewing specific travel documents. Should a legal booklet be close to expiration, one is also required to apply for a renewal. Remember that an expired travel document is problematic as you may not be able to enter other countries because it may not be accepted as proof of citizenship.

Application Process

When the legal document has been lost for whatever reason, the individual is required to apply for it as though it is the first application for a travel document. The process requires one to personally appear at the relevant authority in submitting all required documentation. Where an official booklet has been stolen, a similar application process to a lost document must be followed.

Form DS-11

The exception in a case of theft is that individuals have to file a police report and submit the report with the necessary forms. One will complete the DS-11 form and submit this with documents such as the police report where a passport has been stolen. Citizens may apply and submit forms at the US Embassy,consulate general and relevant legal authorities.

Damaged Passport

Should you mistakenly wash the travel document in a pair of jeans or unintentionally cause damage, it should be replaced. It is usually required when the actual print and photograph are no longer recognizable. Should you be unsure of visual impairment it is best to contact a professional agent who will determine whether the booklet needs replacing or simply a renewal.

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