Thursday, December 1, 2011

Free Brain Games Here Now

By Jessie Jackson

The human brain is life a metal door. It stays shut most of the time and can catch rust if left unused long enough. The brain doesn't use more than a percentage of it's capacity as it is. If on top of that we stop using our brains as well, then the human body would truly become the temple of unused potential. Keeping the brain sharp is like keeping a knife sharp.

You need to always grind it against something hard and running to keep it sharp. So you would do well to exercise your brain every now and then. The problem is that there aren't many avenues which can be used to sharpen the brain. This is where online gaming portals have come up with free brain games to help the brain sharp.

Free brain games are games like sudoku and simple board games that help you sharpen the mind and broaden your way of thinking. The thing about the human body is that a fresh mind manages to keep the body fresh without too much hassle. A healthy mind is always key to a healthy body and hence sharpening the mind is as important as sharpening the body. Sometimes free brain games can mean that you play a game of chess. That is more than enough to get your brain running. Even Chinese checkers can help stimulate your brain. Free brain games can be quite helpful.

Free brain games are available all over the internet and hence all you need is your fingers and your brain to operate them. The games keep on changing from time to time with more and more games coming in that can test your mind than your reflexes. The old ones are still there but the new ones seem to be still pretty popular. It is again a matter of choice. The advantage about more free brain games coming out is that you have an option to master one game and move onto the next without a second thought, there are plenty more where they came from.

While playing these games for long can help stimulate your brain but too much of it can really put you into a mess where free brain games can be referred to as brain dead games because too much of them kill your brains. You wouldn't want to be called a brain dead person, would you? So choose carefully!

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