Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Five Ways to Save on Gasoline

By Mark Lawrence

As gasoline prices continue to climb, more and more people are looking to cut their gas bills in any way possible. Some are buying smaller, more efficient cars. Others are cutting back significantly on their travel.

Fortunately, we do not have to make great sacrifices or turn our lives upside down to lower our gasoline expenditures significantly. We just need to make a few changes; and small changes at that.

1. Maintain your car properly, as suggested by the manufacturer. A car that needs a tune up or replacement parts will not burn fuel efficiently. A well maintained car will save you a lot on gasoline.

2. Organize and use car pools to get your kids to school and to get you to and from work. Car pooling can save some families more than 60% of their current gasoline budget, and it's a very small sacrifice. Just remember to be sure everyone who will be driving you or your kids is a safe driver.

3. The way you drive can be as important as how far you drive. By doing more highway and less city driving, you'll save on gas. And, driving a little slower and avoiding rapid acceleration will also make you gasoline dollars go farther. Generally speaking, cars burn fuel most efficiently between 40 and 50 miles per hour.

4. Be a good consumer. Compare gasoline prices online and make your purchases where you can save the most. Remember, gasoline is pretty generic, so there is little or no qualitative difference.

5. You can save a lot on gasoline costs if you avoid idling. It's simple...if you are waiting for someone, turn off your car. And, don't start your car until you are ready to leave.

Other things you can do to save on fuel costs include using accessories like heat and air conditioning moderately and not carrying dead weight like bicycle and luggage racks you don't need. A little thought and planning can save you big bucks at the gas pumps.

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