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Finding Cheap And Affordable Hotels In And Around Panama City, Panama

By Joshua Adekane

When looking for cheap hotels in panama you will find lots of affordable hotels in Panama and some excellent B&Bs if you look carefully. These affordable hotels Panama may be found in the business or banking district in the city center. On the other hand, if you are a family traveling for leisure and on a budget, search the internet for great reviews and recommendations from other travelers who have experienced vacationing in Panama City. There are many children's amenities that are offered by most family-friendly hotels like kiddie pools, game rooms, and may even allow little children to stay for free.

The Budget Hotels In Panama City

Cheap hotels in Panama can be had for about $50. Some choices are the adults only no children choice of Hotel Santana going for about $52.00 a night. Some of the perks of this hotel is its nearness to the beach, a restaurant and a bar with free wifi. You may also choose to stay at the Hotel Benidorm in Panama City for only $59 a night. It is centrally-located and offers free air conditioning and parking.

Cheapest Hotels in Panama City

This are usually hostels and affordable hotels Panama are for the backpacking travelers. Two more ultra cheap hostels are Hostal la Case de Carmen at $12-55 for a night's stay or maybe Hostal Mamallena at $12 - 30 a night.

Hotels with Good Amenities

These affordable hotels Panama are a tad more expensive than the previous choices but have facilities like fitness centers. One good example of a hotel with such amenities is Torres de Alba Hotel & Suites that also offers a place where kids can have fun. These one bedroom apartment style suites located in the El Cangrejo area will cost about $97 a night. The part of the city where this hotel is located is also breathtaking.

Hotels for those Who Want to Splurge

These hotels cost greater than cheap hotels in Panama like the Toscana Inn Hotel in El Cangrejo, which is a nice part of the city.

Hotel Hopping

If you are on a budget but you want to experience everything, this is some thing that you can do. You can spend one night in a really expensive hotel then spend the rest of your time at one of the lower priced hotels which you can find located all over Panama. If you want to stay in many hotels, make sure to pack lightly so it's easier to move around. Moreover, make sure that you are going to splurge in the perfect hotel that has the most number of amenities and the best service in Panama City.

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