Sunday, December 4, 2011

The End Result Of Falling In Love Quotes On The Bonds Of Genuine Friendship

By Emma Brumley

There may be instances when you realize that you have a special feeling for your friend and would not help but send falling in love quotes. Being with someone most of the time may bring about a special bond that may go beyond friendship and may grow into deeper emotions as well. Such feelings may come about naturally. Friendship starts with compatibility of interests about a lot of things.

Stable relationships may be based on friendship at the start. This is a different kind of relationship unlike the ones that started with some desire or feelings of infatuation. If you feel that both of you have sufficient things in common as you are able to talk and be open about everything, then your friendship may be a good basis for your love.

However, before you start sending your falling in love quotes to your best friend, think about the risk that you are taking. There is a great chance that you will lose your special friend as well as the friendship because of your feelings. Delivering falling in love quotes to your friend may put you in an a situation that may be very awkward and you may not know what to do in case your friend does not share the same feelings as you have. So you will have to brace yourself before sending any of these messages to your friend.

This may be confusing for you and you will need some time to sort things out. It would be better for you to talk to somebody about it especially when you really do not know what to do. You may share it with your friends if you have enough trust and confidence in them. They may be able to help you especially if they also know this other person that you really care about.

You may also ask your parents about their opinion on this problem. Adults have a better understanding when it comes to these kinds of matter as you and your friends may lack not only the experience but also the wisdom that they have gained through the years. After seeking the advices of people who are close to you, you will need to decide and be ready for consequences. You may keep the situation as it is depending on your ability to control what you feel. But sometimes, the feelings become more intense over time.

You may have to do some reality check and know where you stand. It would be best for you to know whether you have a chance at it or not because you may not be aware that your friend is already committed to somebody else. In case your friend is already with another one, then you can simply be an admirer on the side. Who knows, in the end she or he might turn to you after realizing it.

You may wonder if your special bond with your friend will change after knowing. The result would depend greatly on the level of your friendship. People who are mature enough can handle it without giving up the friendship. Friendship that has matured through time will not be broken even if you have confessed or have sent special falling in love quotes to the friend that you love. Sometimes confessing your love may only strengthen your friendship though you may not have the chance to be lovers.

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