Thursday, December 8, 2011

Discussing Points About Atlanta Ga Entertainment Venues

By Minna Lieser

Whenever you think about having a fun filled time out, the Atlanta entertainment and things to do there will surely make you think twice, stopping you from picking any other locale for sure. When you go there, these are some great places to visit. The aquarium, botanical garden, museum, ballet and theatrical performances, news television studio are some.

If theatrical performances of cultural dance, comical shows or skids attract you, then Alliance theater is the next venue where you should stop. With talented performers at work, it caters to a multi-cultural audience and is renowned for some of the best shows worldwide. You can catch up with those earlier performances as they will be repeated for your convenience.

Roaming the destinations on a guided tour is no longer reserved to huge buses alone because there are electric cars which you can use and go out on a great trip around the city. It stops at every noteworthy point and carries only five people at a time so that everyone gets a personalized experience. They are open cars which lets you enjoy the cruise to great extents.

For adventurists and family crowd, the Fernbank museum of natural history serves the right platform to explore worlds largest dinosaurs and their lifestyle. A variety of amazing exhibits fill up the venue and they are handpicked from various parts of the world. The cocktail dinner and fun filled movies screened in the IMAX inside makes Fridays more interesting.

With over 500 species being housed at the Georgia aquarium, it is no wonder that it needs thirteen acres of land to cover them all and you can spend a fun filled day watching the whale sharks, tropical fish, otters, penguins and beluga whales. A separate show where dolphins tell us a story is enticing and you can watch entertaining 4D movies in the theater.

Any trip is never justified unless you satisfy your hunger pangs with the best tasting found in town. Head to Hard Rock Cafe which tributes the great people who pioneered rock music besides complimenting it with spicy food and non-alcoholic beverages. The popular burgers are made of Angus beef and you can always spice it up with martinis or margaritas.

Science meets quality time pass at the botanical garden which is spread over a massive thirty acre holding some of the rare species of plants and trees. Its specialty children's garden had own numerous accolades for the innovative approach. Apart from the long list of tropical collection, it also houses amphibians and some endangered species of frogs.

With an awesome variety of Atlanta entertainment and things to do, you will never get bored of the varied choices that it offers. The guided tour into CNN office is one such where you know how the top news company operates in a fifty five minute live tour that gives a behind-the-scenes experience of the televisions daily activities. You will find plenty of cultural performances at different theaters, events, animals, plants and interesting things to explore in the city which is sure to make your trip memorable.

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