Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Discover the Right Way to Write a Press Release

By Tom Castaneda

As you may already know, there are so many different methods at your disposal for gaining exposure and traffic to your sites. One particular approach not commonly used is the press release, and they still pack some punch. But we understand if all that is new to you, so here are a couple of excellent suggestions designed to make your releases all they can be.

Never write a long press release, but that should not happen if you learn how to write them and follow the correct format. It is quite common to see only 300 or 400 word press releases, and that is about the norm that you should do, as well. One thing to avoid is sounding either too scholarly or too simplistic as you want to create a positive impression on whoever reads them. When you write your release, keep it to the third person because that is more along the news style of writing. Write logically when it comes to all present tense or even past tense, but sometimes it is necessary to talk about future events. There are certain rules and ways to put a press release together, and those are but a few that are wise to remember.

A quick note about grammar and spelling, and obviously these need to be eliminated from your content. Hopefully you will already know how important this matter is and why. Since a press release is relatively short, it only takes seconds to use a checker application to ensure you are good to go. The more careful you are at the initial stage, the better it is in the long run.

Different people use different browsers, which is why you shouldn't embed HTML in your press release as it can play havoc with the final rendering and make it look bad. So the thing to do is just use text, and ideally copy and paste if from something like Notepad. As long as your release is not broken in appearance, then the information will be able to do the job. You can also SEO your press release, and if you get that part right then that is all anyone can do.


So now you have a very good idea of what is needed to make your own press releases and use them as desired.

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