Sunday, December 4, 2011

Convert your DVD films to play on an iPod

By Greg Van

Most iPods, besides their music features, offer top of the range video capabilities; it is one of the reasons they're one of the most versatile contraptions on the market. We all like to watch movies to relax and unwind, so why don't you convert your own DVDs to the iPod format and watch them if you want, wherever you are?

Transferring your DVD flicks to play on your iPod, iPhone, Touch, or Nano can be easy, or in a number of cases, time-intensive and difficult. There are lots of iPod converters available, but only a few are worth purchasing: some are too expensive, some are hard to use, and many are not trusty (they cock up sound and/or picture, or they can't convert new movies). A good iPod converter must meet the following conditions:

Easy to use interface "the program must be easy to use.

Fast encoding "the program must be well placed to encode fast so the entire process will be finished fast.

Flexible "the Converter should be in a position to output video for all iPod Video formats: Classic, Nano, Touch, and iPhone.

Quality "the converted film must offer glorious sound and picture quality.

Error Processing "the programme must be able fix any Problems that appear during the changing process.

Features "the program must have popular options implemented,eg picture definition, subtitles, different languages, etc.

It's also useful if the programme has a tutorial/help section where the user can learn the way to milk additional features. Another significant thing regarding conversion from a DVD to an iPod is the ability to zoom from widescreen to full screen. A good converter should have this feature implemented so as to make allowance for a clean transition.

The programme should permit inexperienced as well as advanced users an acceptable experience. For novice users, a good converter should have an option for automatically adjusting settings to attain the most satisfactory results. For advanced users, there should be the facility to by hand adjust a wide selection of parameters. A good iPod converter should also allow converting from both NTSC and PAL DVD pictures.

Excellent iPod converters can be found for around $40.00, and they'll do everything, and often more, than some of the more costly programs. You can try and go the cheap route, using two or three free programs in combination (Videora, DVD Shrink, Handbrake, and so on.), but I revealed that the free programs involved a substantial number of steps, produced varied results, and wouldn't convert many new DVD films (those produced over the last four years). Don't get me wrong, I am a thrifty guy, and if there is a inexpensive way to do things, I am customarily on-board, but in this situation, the hassle just was not worth it. The benefits offered by a good converting program counterbalanced the trial-error hassles I found using outmoded free programs.

Converting your DVD movies to play on an iPod permits one to look at their favourite movies and T.V. Programs while on the bus or train, on planes or long drives, or whenever you have a few free moments. DVD conversion software is getting more favored, as they facilitate the perfect transition from the 'big screen ' to the 'little screen'.

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