Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Traditions Should Definitely Be Treasured!

By Yvonne Brixey

Christmas comes but once a year, and every Christmas season I anxiously look forward to the promise of Christmas Traditions! Every year, Christmas Traditions of all shapes and sizes come with the Christmas season, whether we like it or not. Fortunately, I happen to LOVE Christmas Traditions.

During the Christmas season, everywhere you go and everywhere you look, you are bound to find people celebrating Christmas Traditions of one sort or another. Our country is just FILLED with Christmas Traditions! Actually, when you think about it, the entire WORLD is filled with Christmas Traditions! Early Egyptians spent the Christmas season celebrating with mid-winter festivals. The ancient Romans also celebrated the Christmas season with their exchanging of gifts and candies. The Celtic culture had their own Christmas Traditions and celebrated with mistletoe and holly. In England, Queen Victoria started the Christmas Traditions of decorating indoor trees. And Charles Dickens helped popularize the Christmas Traditions of a Christmas Feast.

Nowadays, our American Christmas Traditions seem to gather together several various ancient Christmas Traditions. And why shouldn't we? These countries and cultures had the right idea when it comes to Christmas time and Christmas Traditions. What would Christmas be without Christmas Traditions such as exchanging gifts, going to Christmas parties, Christmas trees, and of course an enormous Christmas dinner? These are all wonderful and exciting Christmas Traditions that are participated in throughout the country, no matter your way of life.

And with the continuance of Christmas Traditions comes the birth of new and modern Christmas Traditions. One of the most popular modern America Christmas Traditions is, of course, Santa Claus. What American, Christmas celebrating child, hasn't heard of Santa Claus? Or another question, what Christmas celebrating child hasn't participated in the Christmas Traditions of writing to Santa Claus? Why, Santa Claus is practically the modern symbol of Christmas!

Another of the ever famous Christmas Traditions that has expanded with the modern age is the sending of Christmas cards. Even ten and twenty years ago, while people all over the country celebrated the beginning of the Christmas season, and the onset of another year, by mailing Christmas cards to family and friends. This is one of the basic Christmas Traditions everybody seems to treasure. And now, with the birth of the modern age, people are saving time and money while participating in these Christmas Traditions by sending out Christmas e-Cards. These e-Cards can even be customized to include Christmas photos of family members. What a fun way to modernize such one of our favorite Christmas Traditions!

Christmas Traditions are held dear by everybody who celebrates Christmas. Some Christmas Traditions are celebrated universally throughout the country and throughout the world. Other Christmas Traditions are more specialized and cater to each particular family's Christmas wishes. But whatever your Christmas Traditions, celebrate Christmas with all your heart! Christmas is a special time! Christmas is a time that should be treasured. Christmas is a time that should be anxiously awaited by people everywhere. And with Christmas, Christmas Traditions should be loved and adored.What Is Your Favorite Christmas Tradition?

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