Sunday, December 4, 2011

Become a Racehorse Owner With Racing Syndicates

By Ruth Williams

If you love the joy and exhilaration of watching a horse race, you've doubtless fantasized about what it would be like to be the owner of a racehorse of your own. And, like the majority of fans, you have most likely dismissed the notion as a mere fantasy. After all, having a horse is pricey, and demands a lot of time and maintenance.

But there is actually a simple way to become part of the action. Racehorse syndicates make it affordable for passionate racing buffs to become owners, and share in the exhilaration and the reward.

What Racehorse Syndicates Do When you join a racehorse syndicate, you get to invest in a share of a racehorse, and share ownership of that horse among the other members. You take advantage of all of the benefits, but without needing to put out a major amount of money. You don't have to organize any upkeep, such as boarding, or carry any of the other costs.

A syndicate will be managed by a training centre, racing club, or professional eventer. They typically have a number of pedigreed horses available for shared ownership. They will set a fee for a certain percentage share of the horse. Different percentage shares may entitle you to different benefits.

What Do I Get For My Share? Different racehorse syndicates give you different benefits, so it pays to look around before you choose one to go in with. Some include training, transport, silks, jockey and race expenses for the season with your fee, so there is nothing else to pay for throughout the season. Others may necessitate further costs for veterinary care.

You also want to confirm how much involvement you are eligible to have in your horse's training or development. If you would rather just attend events for a discount and watch your horse race, then look for a syndicate that offers a superior price cut and/or preferred seating privileges for owners. If you prefer to be more involved, make sure that your syndicate lets you visit the stables, receive updates on training and progress, and help out during events. Some syndicates send out email or online updates that you can access at any time.

How Do I Join Racehorse Syndicates? Perform some online research, and seek out syndicates that have options that are within your price range, and that include quality, pedigreed horses and benefits that you want. A great notion is to go in with one or two friends or family members on racehorse shares, so you can also share in the fun of event days and visits.

Racehorse syndicates have made racehorse ownership available to everyone! You get all the excitement of ownership, without a huge financial commitment. If you've always wanted to own a racehorse but thought it was impossible, syndicates are your ticket to the races.

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