Friday, December 9, 2011

6970 Wildlife Rd, Malibu Luxury Homes

By Luis Pezzini

Those that are looking to find a luxury home that is meant to be sold to those millionaires and billionaires out there are going to find that the homes that are in Malibu are something that they are going to want to seriously consider when they are looking for the home that is perfect for them. These homes are going to offer tons of features that are just not found in other areas around the world, hence the reason that these homes are so popular with those that are considered to be in the upper half of the income bracket. Those that are wanting to buy a luxury home, they are wanting to make sure that they are getting something that is going to appeal to them for years to come.

Those that are looking in Malibu, though there are several properties that they can choose from, they are going to find that the home located at 6970 Wildlife Rd is one that is going to be attractive to them thanks to the views that are offered in the location that is simply beautiful.

This home is one that takes the little things that are in it to make it appear to be one of the most luxurious homes that the person has ever been seen. The home was built in 1980 and has around 5,900 square foot. The person will find that in the dining room that they are going to find etched glass that is going to create the right ambiance for any special dinner that they are having in the home. These kind of details are found throughout the home through the high vaulted ceilings and wood that is well designed throughout the home. Those that are looking at just what else the home has to offer are going to find that they are going to be getting a tennis court, and pool that they and their guests can use. Overall, it is a home that the person must see to understand since pictures are not doing it justice.

The listing price for this home is $28,500,000. The person that is interested will need to make sure that they have proof that they can afford the home since this is something that is put in place to protect everyone involved in the transaction. This is something that is not negotiable and must be done when seeing any luxury home that is on the market, thus they should simply do this from the beginning so that they are not facing any time of having to sit and wait while their dream home may be sold. This is not something that should offend them, as it is just standard procedure, thus they will have to do this no matter what kind of luxury home that they look at.

This is a home that is going to offer something different from other homes that are in the same location, thus it is perfect for those that want something that is going to stand out against the crowd and make them one of a kind.

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