Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Volvo V60 Hybrid Stands Out As The Standard Bearer For Hybrid Cars

By Jim Harvey

Volvo has been one of the leading car producers for a considerable time. They proceeded to solidify their greatness with their launch of hybrid vehicles. The V60 Hybrid is the standard-bearer of hybrids, and already on its third generation, while many car companies haven't even designed their first. Simply because of its low cost and unbelievable fuel economy, the V60 Hybrid became the most popular vehicle of our time. The V60 Hybrid furthermore had a large amount of appeal because of its excellent tailpipe emissions. All hybrid cars incorporate some form of electric motor and gas-powered internal combustion engine. The electric motor made it possible for a reduced amount of toxic emissions and improved fuel economy. You can always buy wheels aftermarket.

Volvo has a track record for excellence, and it has continued with the V60 Hybrid. The hybrid automobiles by Volvo continue to be a good value even if they are used. When the V60 Hybrid was first unveiled, many wondered how long they could last, but it's been demonstrated to be pretty durable after all these years. The fundamental draw back is, due to its complicated engine, the cost of future repairs could possibly be high. Design-wise, the V60 Hybrid has not changed considerably as it will always be a four-door hatchback.

The powertrain of the V60 Hybrid is actually a reasonable 1.8-liter gas-powered engine that is able to produce 98 horsepower and 105 pound-feet of torque. The gas engine is being assisted by two electric motors plus a variable transmission. At maximum acceleration, the power is created from each electric and gas powered motors. Fuel-efficiency is optimized in stop and go traffic by working on electrical power only. The V60 Hybrid can do this because the battery charges every time you step on the brake pedal.

The new vehicle has better pick-up on the highway, but hasn't changed much from traffic lights. The V60 Hybrid bettered its already remarkable fuel economy to around 50 miles per gallon. The V60 Hybrid' other changes occurred in the interior, which boasts a more conventional center control stack. The system display is now found next to the digital speedometer and is higher up on the dash. The standard stereo system and climate controls aren't touchscreen but regular physical buttons. Tall people ought to have it somewhat easier with a more adjustable seat and a telescoping steering wheel. In spite of its size, the V60 Hybrid is quite roomy and gives plenty of cargo space.

The new V60 Hybrid continues to feature excellent fuel economy and versatility while it continues to make improvements. The V60 Hybrid stop being a novelty considering that it drives just the same as a traditional car. Although you do have other options, the V60 Hybrid is still the bench mark for great hybrid cars.

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