Saturday, November 26, 2011

Two Popular Barbados Underwater Attractions

By Grant Ceville

If exploring the crystalline waters of an island paradise sounds like the perfect way to spend your next vacation, you should consider visiting the Island of Barbados. The Islands tourism market is a major part of their economy and because of that visitors to the island are greeted with open arms and encouraged to explore all of the islands natural wonders. One of the major draws of the island is the waters that surround its pristine shores.

Locals and tourists alike enjoy exploring the calm ocean and encountering the countless underwater creatures that call these waters home. Barbados offers many different ways to get an up close look at the islands marine life. Two of the most popular attractions that continue to attract visitors and earn their praises are guided sea turtle snorkeling trips and The Atlantis Submarine.

Families or anyone traveling to Barbados seeking a truly unique underwater experience should consider booking a sea turtle tour. The western coast of the island is a popular feeding ground for both the hawksbill and leatherback turtles. These giant friendly underwater creatures are a site to behold as they soar through the clear blue waters. Younger visitors will be captivated by their size. When you book a snorkeling tour your guide will be able to take you to the best locations to catch a glimpse of the turtles and you may also have a chance to get an up close view of one of the islands ship wrecks.

The shallow waters that surround the island enable snorkelers to swim just feet away from sunken ships and diverse marine habitats. Choosing to take a tour instead of heading out on your own into the water will be safer and ensure that you are not unintentionally breaking any of the islands laws. All tour boats are comfortable and stocked with all the necessary safety equipment including life vests, and all properly inspected snorkeling gear. In Barbados all of the sea turtles are a part of the Barbados Sea Turtle Project. The project has outlined very specific rules that must be followed when humans are interacting with sea turtles. If you follow the instructions of your guide you will have a unique and enjoyable experience that will be enriching for you and your family and friends.

If you are not much of a swimmer or prefer to stay dry that does not mean you have to sacrifice the enjoyment of an underwater adventure. The Atlantis Submarine is a wonderful way for visitors to experience the underwater beauty of the island without a swimming suit. This underwater experience lasts around two hours and twenty minutes with forty-five of those minutes spent diving. The price may be a little high for some, just under $100 for adults and just under $50 for children, but it is a once and a life time chance to see some of the wonders that surround the island paradise of Barbados. You will have your own two foot wide window to peer out of as the submarine dives to a depth of 55 feet where you will be able to see a spectacular coral reef. After spending time in the reef the submarine dives down to a depth of 150 feet to give you a chance to view a shipwreck. Barbados has many sites to offer but if you are looking for a special underwater experience these two attractions are not to be missed.

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