Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tips on Cross Border Shipping

By Adriana Noton

Shipping process across the border is a bit more complex than shipping within the country. If you have not shipped cross border before, you should be aware of key shipping procedures to make the shipping process less complicated and there are no delays at the border. It is the responsibility of the shipper to ensure that goods are package properly and identified for transportation across the border. The following articles outline key factors to consider when preparing your shipment for cross border shipping.

The first consideration is the type of products being shipped across the border. You have to make sure the items are not considered hazards as they will be denied access at the border. Check with the government guide on shipping items to determine what is banned from entering the destination country, whether it is Canada, United States, and Mexico. You need to make sure you will be meeting the packing and shipping requirements of the destination country. You also have to make sure your goods are packed safely and securely particularly if there will be multiple handling of your goods. It is good to know if your goods will only be handled once or if there will be multiple handling. You will face delays if you do not meet the packing requirements to the country of destination.

You also need to determine the packing capabilities of your goods such as if the items are susceptible to damage and if the items are stackable. You need to plan appropriately for the packing methods. For instance, you may be required to use the appropriate packing devices such as pallets in order to handle the goods safely and securely. In addition, you will ensure that your goods are clearly marked, labeled and identified.

There are many regulations and rules regarding cross border shipping. For this reason, it would be wise to hire a shipping company that specializes in cross border shipping. When hiring a shipping company, it is important to make them aware of any issues regarding special handling requirements or paperwork applicable to your shipment. There are transport companies that take care of all of the work relating to shipping an item cross border. They provide integrated services that ensure the goods they transport cross the border without any problems resulting in a delay or denial of access. Hiring a transport company that offers integrated services that takes care of all aspects of shipping across the border will make shipping your goods much easier.

When choosing an independent shipping company, you should read over the company's website to get an idea of the services they provide and make sure they have clarified the logistical responsibilities and what you are responsible for as well as all of the shipping costs. Also, getting insurance for your goods is a wise investment. When you do your research you will find a reputable shipping company that can take care of all of your cross border shipping needs.

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