Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reading Reviews On Scooters And Motorbikes

By Owen Jones

I have read loads of reviews about scooters and motorbikes, because I am a subscriber to a scooter and motorcycle enthusiasts' magazine that carries articles about all the different types of scooters and motorcycles on the market. It also recommends the best one to acquire depending on whether you are a first time owner or a two-wheeler old hand. The magazine is great, and it helps me understand what other scooter owners feel about the various models and brands of scooters.

I have to say that people's views vary quite widely on every subject, which is why it's probably always better to do your own research and get what best suits you, rather than getting what other people say will suit you, when they do not even know you. Having said that, many first time buyers do not actually know what they are looking for, and it is really these people that these reviews are written for.

However, these reviews are not meant to be taken too factually, rather they are meant as a guideline so that prospective greenhorn purchasers have to think about the aspects of buying a scooter or motorbike. It also gives experts a run down of the most important facts. Then you need to make up your own mind whether you care, for example, whether the scooter's seat is made of leather or plastic.

All in all, I like this magazine because it takes into account people from all walks of life, and its writers and editor understand that even if you are interested in purchasing a scooter, you may not have enough money or you might be reading just out of interest in scooters or motorcycles.

We all know that money is difficult to come by these days, and consumers are becoming more and more well-informed about the goods they want, which is a good thing in my opinion. After all, there are other merchants who just desire to get the most money they can for their products and mark up their scooter prices to inflated amounts in the hope that they will get a few stupid customers that did not do their research.

And I am sure that they probably do get a few customers like that, because they do stay in business somehow and I regularly hear horror stories about people who have paid far too much for their scooter or motorbike.

When you ask them why they did not take the trouble to read the reviews in a magazine, they usually say that they did not know about the magazines, or even worse, that they did not have enough time. Therefore it seems that they had enough time to work like a dog for the money, but then not enough time to read a short magazine review? I doubt it very much. With a bit of luck, consumers will continue becoming more and more careful about their purchases.

It is such a pity, so, If you happen to be a new scooter fan, or you know someone who is, please make sure you read the scooter and motorbike reviews before concluding a purchase. It can literally save you hundreds or even thousands of your hard earned dollars.

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