Monday, November 28, 2011

Hire A Knoxville Roof Contractor Or DIY Inspection?

By John Taylor

Knoxville TN and the surrounding areas recently experienced a few wind, hail and rain storms. The result of this intensive weather meant that many of you were left with roofs that are in need of repair or replacement. For many Knoxville TN homeowners, the wait for a free roof inspection is too long. Many residents have instead chosen to inspect their own roofs for damage instead of waiting on a Knoxville roof contractor to provide assistance. If you are going to inspect your own roof for damage, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You'll need:

*Get someone to provide assistance

*Get A Ladder

*A tape measure

*A calculator

*A safety harness

1. Slowly make your way up the ladder while your companion aids with the stabilization by holding the ladder from the bottom

2. When you approach the ede of the roof slope, make sure to watch for shingles lifted up in addition to nail punctures

3. Climb on top of the roof very carefully.

4. Carefully examine all angles of the roof looking for scaring, lose shingles, hail indentions, or broken shingles. If you do indeed find any of these issues, then your roof has experienced damage which may have come from the recent storms. Examine each side of the roof slope for scaring, broken, or lose shingles.

5. Take a second to check the colour of your roof. If your roof shingles were formerly black or now brownish or discoloured in an alternate way, possibilities are, they have hit their expectancy.

6. Roof vents are designed with metal and you are going to need to make certain that this metal isn't damaged. The caulking should be untouched and flush with the metal and the shingle

7. Various pipes coming through the roof are typically the reason behind most roof damage. Be sure to check each pipe for cracking, openings, and rotten material. If you have got to find such damage, make sure to call your Knoxville roof contractor.

8. Inspect round the chimney for rotted wood. Make use of a screwdriver to penetrate a little part of the wood. If the wood is crisp, it's possible the chimney is dripping. Check to approve if there is a metal under the shingles that articulate with the chimney wall.

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