Monday, November 28, 2011

Cymbalta Symptoms Sometimes Show Up When Patient Is Taking Other Medication

By Dale Gerrard

Cymbalta can be used to treat depressive disorders and anxiety. It affects the quantity of serotonin in the brain, that is considered to be a factor in clinical depression. Cymbalta symptoms ought to improve within a month. Some patients experience a difference in their depressive disorders even earlier. There are more factors that identify the severity of a depressive episode.

Cymbalta should only be taken as directed, and only by the person it was prescribed to. It should not be given to anyone who doesn't have a prescription. This pill should not be crushed, opened or in any way altered prior to being taken. It needs to be swallowed whole. Patients should take it with a large glass of water. If upset stomach occurs, taking the pill with bread or crackers might help.

Cymbalta symptoms which should be noted to a doctor right away include suicide ideation, hallucinations, convulsions or difficulty breathing. These kinds of symptoms are unusual nonetheless they have took place. Other side effect signs include dizziness, forgetfulness, confusion and perspiration. Sometimes, people who take Cymbalta experience nausea, tiredness and dry mouth.

There are specific drugs that have been proven to interact with Cymbalta. Some of these medicine is blood thinners, water tablets, pain killers and other anti-depressants. If you're prescribed Cymbalta and are on any other medications, be sure you inform your doctor. Actually drugs that are over-the-counter, such as St. John's Wort, may interact with it, therefore don't forget to tell your physician about everything you are taking.

When taking Cymbalta, be sure you don't skip any days and don't permit the prescription to run out. It is crucial that you conserve a certain dosage to be able to obtain the full effects of the anti-depressant. Even if you start to feel great, you should preserve getting Cymbalta exactly as directed. If you wish to make changes for your medication, always confer with your doctor first.

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