Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Highly Effective Breathing Exercises For Singing

By Pamela C Smith

The entire singing technique depends upon breathing. The main rule of singing is, if singers do not breathe properly, they cannot sing correctly, and that might give rise to severe issues which are serious enough to damage the singing voice temporarily. Therefore, singers who effectively manage their breathing face minimal issues with their voices. There are several types of breathing exercises for singing that eases the vocal cord of the singers and enhances their potential to sing for a longer time in a smooth and effortless manner.

To gain benefit from the breathing exercises one needs to practice breathing in moderation. The singers are required to be cautious and not intake too much air as they might have issues in managing the quantity of air in the body. They ought to have the capability to co-ordinate with their diaphragm and abdominal muscles while breathing.

There are few essential breathing exercise tips a singer needs to remember -

1) When the singers breathe to sing, their shoulders should not rise too high. 2) They should inhale through nose, as much as possible, which would allow the air to go far deeper. 3) The inhalation process should not be loud because noisy breathing makes the voice sound unattractive. Also, a noisy breath implies that the breathing will rapidly dry the throat make it difficult for the singer to sing.

The voice can be easily developed through few effective breathing exercises. Aspiring as well as professional singers should perform these exercises diligently each day to improve their voice.

The vocalization exercise is the most effectual exercise to improve the voice. The singer need to begin by singing a comfortable note like "mi" from low pitch and keep the scale rising up and down simultaneously. They have to breathe in deeply up to their abdomen and then slowly breathe out in a steady stream. They should select only comfortable notes which can be conveniently held during the breathing process. For each inhalation, they need to choose diverse pitch. These actions have to be repeated ten times. If this exercise is done regularly it will bring about a noticeable modification in tone quality and pitch.

Another exercise that can prove to be useful is where the singer has to lay down flat facing the ceiling and rest their hands on stomach with fingers positioned towards the belly button. The singer then has to concentrate on filling their abdomen with air starting from the bottom end to top. They have to experience the abdomen along with their hands rise up smoothly till they sense and expansion the chest. This expansion influences the body from all sides. The singer then has to gradually breathe out and wait for five seconds before repeating the steps. This exercise should be done ten times per day before breakfast and ten minutes before going to bed. This exercise aids in controlling the breathing process while singing.

Mirrors demonstrate to be a fantastic device that helps in improving the voice. When the singer sings in front of the mirror they can observe their pose, facial expressions and breathing which can assist them in establishing any flaw. While singing before the mirror, they also need to try out different positions and the manner in which they utilize their facial and mouth muscles to make various sounds as an experiment to test their voice. This is a successful method to rectify any fault while singing and improve the voice.

The exhalation breathing technique is one of the most efficient breathing exercises for singing. The singer can light a candle and place it approximately eight inches away from their face. Then they need to breathe deeply while keeping their chests and shoulders steady. While exhaling they have to blow continuous light and steady stream of air on the flame in order to bend it and keep track of the number of seconds they can bend the flame. They should gradually increase the time each day. This exercise assists the singers to increase the control required when singing long phrases.

To conclude, these breathing exercises for singing are beneficial for all who strive to be successful in this field as it can make singing an automatic process with more fun and without the fright of getting breathless while singing.

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