Friday, November 18, 2011

Fall Crafts Your Family Will Enjoy

By Autumn Lockwood

During the autumn season, the days start getting shorter and the weather starts getting chillier. As a result fall a great time to complete some fall crafts together with your family. Enjoying crafts together is definitely a fun and inexpensive way to enjoy quality family time. For an added bonus, you'll probably end up with several fun and attractive items that are useful to decorate your home. Crafts can also be a great activity for children to participate in, because crafting really helps to develop creativity and fine motor skills. If you're looking for some inexpensive and simple crafts to produce this autumn, here are some ideas to help get you going.

Crafts Using Leaves

One of the better facets of this time of year may be the beautifully colored autumn leaves. Some adults see the fallen leaves as a job that requires raking, while children may look at these magnificent leaves as fun and quite exciting. When your children like to collect autumn leaves, why not make use of them as the foundation of some craft activities? If the foliage is completely dry, have your kids choose a selection of their favorites. Sandwich them between two pieces of waxed paper. Next, be sure that your ironing board's surface is protected using some Kraft paper or even a few pieces of plain printer paper. Put the waxed paper and leaves on the paper, and then cover these with another piece of paper which will protect the surface area of the iron. Press over the whole stack carefully using a medium temperature iron. The waxed paper will fuse together from the heat of the iron all of which will create a lovely sheet of leaf art that you can then hang in a sunny window to let the sunlight shine through.

Leaves can also be used as stencils to produce interesting art pieces. To be able to protect your table, cover it with an old vinyl tablecloth or some newspaper. Now, get yourself a piece of construction paper and lay it on the table. Use a few pieces of double sided tape or scrapbook photo splits to adhere a few interestingly shaped leaves to your paper. Utilizing a sponge or a stencil brush, daub different colors of tempera or acrylic craft paint over the paper. As soon as the paint has dried, carefully take off the leaves. You will end up with a few lovely art pieces, that are suitable for displaying in picture frames.

Fall Collages

Along with the fall leaves, you will find a number of other natural materials which can be used for the production of interesting art. Seed pods, dried flowers, pine cones along with other materials may be combined to form interesting natural collages. Give each one of your kids a container or perhaps a bucket that they can put the "art materials" into which they collect. Protect the work surface and then allow them to glue all their items onto a piece of poster board. One way that you can assist them to do this quicker and much easier is to use a hot glue gun. It is a good idea to take some pictures of the kids while they are working away at this project as well as the other autumn crafts. You can then create amazing photo collages and show them off in picture frames in your home to remind you of all of the fun you had together.

So, choose some fall crafts that the children can make, and remember to take lots of pictures of the fun!

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