Saturday, November 26, 2011

Companion Care: Let Them Feel Loved

By Jessica Pontel

Companion care is similar to general health care except the emphasis is on a feeling of social well-being and emotional health, rather than strictly medical and physical health. In many ways, this is better, because even if we are well physically, it's all for nothing if we don't feel good about ourselves and our situations.

Think of all of the stories about seniors who are depressed in their old age. It's not about the physical health, many of them are perfectly fine. What's happening is that they lose track of their friends and family, perhaps a spouse, so they lose their sense of social connection to the world. Companion care is all about alleviating that situation by having a trained professional actively engage with them on a daily basis.

That said, agencies that specialize in companion care make it their top priority to match the right people together. It might be based on age, education, common experience, or one of many other factors. These companions will be that social element, as well as helping with things like physical therapy and daily activities like bathing, dressing, and moving around the house.

An internet search for companion care will reveal more options than you believe, with companies large and small all showcasing the best that they have to offer. They all stress the same thing, that emotional and social support is must as important, if not more important, that physical and medical conditioning.

You can expect many basic things from a companion care agent, from the basic ideas like monitoring eating and drinking, medication, and temperature checking, to the slightly more complicated social constructs like engaging in group activities, and promoting the notions of love, compassion, and connection with the world as a whole. People are the answer to loneliness, and companion care agents act on the knowledge.

Companion care can encompass other clients than the elderly. You can hire them for pregnant mothers, or even children as a sort of more intelligent babysitter or nanny. Once again, the correct agency will match the appropriate person to the appropriate household to determine what type of connection is best for the families involved. Everyone wants a friend, everyone wants a companion; young or old, social or more isolated. Everyone needs someone!

Now that the companion care program is progressing, the people involved will constantly be updating its ways and means in order to give you and all the their clients the absolute best service they can. Technology and data collection is a boon as well.

So do a little research about companion care in your area, look for positive and negative reviews, and make the right choice for you and your loved ones.

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