Sunday, November 27, 2011

Applying for a Federal Grant

By Iola Bonggay

What are federal grants? How will you sign up for one?

We commonly hear of federal grants and how they will assist in making our lives better. Well, they actually do make our lives better. But instead of assisting our personal financial necessities such as personal debts and rent payments, federal grants desire to make our lives better by innovating solutions to the difficulties in the community and the society.

In many instances, federal grants are made to state governments, educational and research institutions, hospitals, non-profit organizations, and the public, all in the hopes of providing an array of services, such as jobs, education and training, health care and nutrition, housing, transportation, and scientific research.

Let's say you're a representative of a local or state government, or an educational research institution, and you've already skimmed through many web pages searching for the funding opportunity that perfectly fits your institution's needs and abilities, but you're stuck with a problem: You do not know how to apply for this grant.

In this article, we are going to offer you a detailed instruction of how you can flawlessly and effectively make an application for your preferred funding opportunity.

Without further a do, here are the things that you must do in case you are interested in acquiring a federal grant:

1) Navigate to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance website (for first time grant applicants) - The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance website could provide you with a general summary of the grants for which you might be eligible for. In addition, the website can also provide you with the basic grant description, grant objectives, uses and restrictions, eligibility requirements, and also other essential related information.

2) Visit the Grants website at (for more experienced grant applicants) - More experience grant seeks often have a more definite idea of the kind of grant they need and they might prefer to go straight to the Grants website and use the "Find Grant Opportunities" feature, which gives them additional control over their search.

3) Prepare to submit an application - The government has emphasized repeatedly that submitting an application for a grant should never cost you even a penny. The government will not charge any application fees but will require you to acquire the following information:

a) Obtain a DUNS number - The government policy stipulates that anyone who is doing business with the federal government should have a DUNS number from the Dun & Bradstreet website at

b) Register with Central Contractor Registration - The federal government policy also stipulates that anyone who is doing business with the federal government should obtain a CCR number from the Central Contractor Registration website at

4) Procure the necessary documents - The federal policy requires grant seekers to submit documents such as a Statement of Intent, List of References, and List of Accomplishments. All of these documents should not come from a personal friend of the applicant but should come from a professional who can verify a person's qualifications.

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