Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Social Ramifications Of A Funny T-Shirt

By Dan York

Finding the right strangers to make into friends is a drag. It is never easy and always takes too much time. It is like playing a "new friend lottery", or something. You just don't know who are the right people to join in conversation until it's too late and you're struggling to politely disengage. A solution to this conversational angst is a funny t-shirt.

Your funny t-shirt acts in equal parts a magnet and a repellant. When someone walks by or is in a crowd and sees your funny t-shirt, the reaction is immediate. You will see their face change from one of slack apathy to one of interest. You have engaged someone without saying a single word.

If you can make a complete stranger laugh out loud, then you have taken a very giant leap towards being their friend. This done by making a connection based on humor. On a very deep level, you can make someone laugh which makes them feel good. You are instantly linked to good feelings, which makes that former stranger more susceptible to what you have to say. A funny t-shirt helps you tell that joke before you ever have to say a single sentence to that person.

The shirt you're wearing can also serve as a means of pushing away the people you wouldn't really care to talk with anyway. The great thing about wearing a funny t-shirt is that you are also wearing a piece of your own personality on your chest. You are broadcasting enough of yourself that others can get a small sample of what you're like. If they dig it, you can make a new friend. If they don't, then you really didn't want to hang out with that person anyway.

So now that you know the mental affect your funny t-shirt is having on the people around you, why are you not wearing one? All anyone ever wants in life is to make a connection to someone and form some lasting relationships. A friendship is a hard hill to climb, but well worth the effort. A funny t-shirt is the walking stick that helps you take those first steps.

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