Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Integrating your Social Networking with your Business Website

By Ruth Williams

Social media has become a crucial tool within the web marketing strategy. But it could get quite complicated, and hard to look after. Your website is the centre of your on-line business, and social media marketing can often cause you to feel as if you are scattered all over the place. Social media marketing and your website can, and should, work together to enhance your online profile. Here is how you can streamline your social media, and make social networking support your web advertising efforts.

Posting updates When you have a blog, a Facebook account, a Twitter account and so on, updating all of these places uses up a large chunk of your valuable time. You can control this in two ways. One solution is to create a free of charge feed service, so that whenever you post to your blog it immediately posts your updates to Twitter and facebook. Another way is to try using an application such as Ping.fm, where you can post once and send that post out to several social networking websites in unison.

You can also make it easy for readers to send out posts for you by setting up social networking widgets on your internet site. Add a one-click share button for well-liked internet sites like Facebook, Twitter, Digg and other bookmarking websites. Keep it to a few, well-chosen websites. Large boxes stuffed with social networking button links mess up your site, and detract from your subject matter.

Getting Followers on Facebook and Twitter Make it easy for your website visitors to find and follow you by locating a logo or box on your internet site. This can be as basic as a smallish 'Follow Me!' Twitter widget, or even as complex as a Facebook Fan Box that features your snapshot and updates inside your website sidebar and acts as a clickable link to your page.

Youtube To make social media function for you, you'll need content that's worth sharing. Making use of Youtube is a good route to entice site visitors, and distribute your promotional message virally. Produce a brief movie clip or slideshow, and post it to YouTube. Then, integrate it using your website and Facebook page utilizing a YouTube widget.

Social media is an excellent method to connect with your consumers on a 'real' level, nevertheless , you can't depend upon it alone. To make use of it to it's best advantage, social media marketing and your web site, as well as your other marketing techniques, must interact. When it does, it will be easy to create relationships with your potential customers, and change them into not only buying customers but raving followers.

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