Monday, November 28, 2011

If You Want To Sell Cool Christmas T-Shirts, You Have To Rank High In The Search Engines

By Terrence York

If you think that selling something like cool Christmas t-shirts is as easy as creating a webpage, buying a shopping cart program, and counting your money...well, then I'm afraid that I'd have to call you a fool. The search engines are never sitting still, and are always moving search results around in a constant effort to streamline their processes. In order to sell lots of your t-shirts, you're going to have to be on the front page of the search results.

If your business is brand new, it's going to be at least six months before you ever show up in Google at don't quit your day job yet! In order to pop up in Google at a desirable rank, you're going to have to convince the search engine giant that you are a trusted authority in the search term you want people to find you with. In this case, it would be for "cool Christmas t-shirts."

There are only a few solid ways to trick these search engines that will have lasting affects and will not ultimately get you penalized in the ranks for underhanded methods. The most basic way to rank high in the rankings for cool Christmas t-shirts is to make certain that your website has lots of text on it. The search engines value text far more than pictures, so including a few well-written and keyword-loaded paragraphs at the bottom of each page will give you an automatic boost.

A riskier move, but far more beneficial if you manage to do it successfully, is to swap links with other webpages. You create a links page that is attached to your online store of "recommended sites." You post a link to their webpage with relevant links, and they do the same for you. The problem comes from sharing links with a webpage that is ranked lower than you. If you do that, they sort of act like a parasite and suck off of your rank for cool Christmas t-shirts. You want to be the parasite, not the other way around.

The absolute best way to rank up for cool Christmas t-shirts is to write articles, like this one. If you write informative articles that bloggers want to post on their sites for free, you will have the opportunity to spread your link all over the Internet very quickly. It's not easy, because writing articles takes time and work. In the end, though, you'll know it's worth it when you're selling tons of shirts because you're on the front page of the search engines.

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