Saturday, November 26, 2011

How To Energise Yourself For Your Day

By Charles Ma

There are 24 hours a day, for everybody and everything on this planet. So why do some humans manage to finish more tasks than other? The answer: motivation and energy.

These "doers" have the energy to take on more activities, put in a touch more effort, and go that extra mile after everybody else have quit. So are you a doer? Do you have the energy to achieve your goals? Have you got the stamina to satisfy your commitments? Do you also have the vitality to simply stay alive all day?

You will not have the same energy just like a Singapore SEO employee so here's a listing of how you can get rid of that tired, rundown feeling.

Sensible exercise. Keep your blood circulation on top form. Whether you like aerobics, strength training, sports, dancehall dancing or merely brisk walking, do it. Three times a week for at least 20 minutes per session. Raise the heart rate. Sweat out fats and toxins. It sure guarantees to wake up the system.

Oxygen. Get sufficient oxygen into your blood. When things get leaden or uninteresting at work, stand up, stretch those stiff muscles, and take several deep breaths. Do this as frequently in the day as required. A fine supply of oxygen in the blood will aid you in staying awake.

Food. The right food, at the best time. Never skip breakfast because as well as being the perfect health food, it's the best way to begin your day. Missing breakfast is like inviting lethargy and poor performance for the rest of the morning. Stay clear of greasy dishes and processed food. Reduce sugar and salt. If you've got to take coffee, stay at two to three cups a day.

Sleep and rest . The only way to recharge after all the activity of the day is to get a good night's sleep. You'll know if you have enough sleep when you can wake up prepared and eager to face the day.

Love and laughter. The best energizer in the world is love and laughter. Laughter generates chemicals in the blood that boosts well being and a general feeling of relief. Not simpler way to kick yourself out of lassitude than partaking of a good, hearty laugh.

We are prone to spurts of laughter when we are in love. When we are in love, we tend to grin and talk more. We feel light and we move about quicker and more enthusiastically. The trick is stay in love and remain energized for the whole day and the remainder of your life.

Folk working 8 hours a day sure should be energized to be more productive. If you would like to be like a Singapore SEO employee who works without room for lassitude, dullness and monotony, then be sure to follow these tips.

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